Court Interpreter Materials Here!

Court Interpreting is fascinating and challenging work! Whether you’re a novice or a veteran court interpreter, OUR GOAL is to help you DEVELOP and IMPROVE YOUR INTERPRETING SKILLS,  feel more CONFIDENT when you walk into a courtroom, AND PREPARE FOR CERTIFICATION.

Here, at The Confident Interpreter,  you can download Court Interpreter Materials including:

  • Audio recordings of realistic courtroom situations for simultaneous and consecutive practice
  • Visual reference materials and glossaries to strengthen your understanding of terminology related to firearms, drugs, vehicles, and more…
  • Authentic sight translation documents with glossaries
  • Verbal Volleys©, which are “audio flash cards” for practice and mastery of common courtroom terminology: motions, objections, and other frequently used phrases
  • Court Interpreter Materials also available for languages other than Spanish
court interpreter materials

Our Digital Downloads

Welcome to our products! Below are all the materials we offer. All products are all immediately available for download upon order completion. Afterwhich, you will receive an email containing your temporary links to our files which you can download to your computer. These are digital products only. There are no shipping costs as we do not ship anything.