One of a kind option for people interested in improving their skills in any career [medical or court interpreting], thumbs up, best of the best!!

Emma Brassea

I appreciate their effort to improve the skills of Interpreters.

Tony Valle

Los materiales del Confident Interpreter han sido buenísimos, por no mencionar los blogs. Además de muchos términos legales y otros relacionados con armas y drogas en los materiales, hay bastantes mexicanismos que yo no conocía. Me está sirviendo mucho. ¡Gracias!

Kyle Criminge

Challenging and Well Prepared

As someone preparing for a specific certification, who is not looking for new study material? Here is a top-of-the-line choice. I found The Confident Interpreter when I was looking for new materials to practice and improve. I enjoy them because I find them challenging and well prepared. They have a nice variety of topics and vocabulary. I especially like that the simultaneous exercises are recorded at different speeds. The consecutive is challenging. The Verbal Volley is fun and a new way to test one’s vocabulary and speed. The Confident Interpreter offers excellent materials for the price. I hope they keep adding more items!

asap trans

I absolutely recommend all prospective interpreters who are trying to enter the profession, and current interpreters who want to perfect their skills to reach out to them. You couldn’t be in better hands. Thank you for everything!!!

Monica Licea-Castro

I have trained with Irene and can highly recommend her for both rigor and personality as an instructor. I appreciate how much I was able to learn from her.

Cris Silva